Signing In For Eight Years, I Was Exposed As A Zillionaire!

Chapter 763 - 763 Future Is Promising

763 Future Is Promising

After posting, Sun Peng leaned back in his chair and heaved a sigh of relief. Ye Xuan’s appearance kept appearing in his mind. He had never thought of this method before. If Ye Xuan had not reminded him, he might not have thought of this method to settle a portion of the costs. This method did not seem to have a big background, but if one looked closely, they would realize that it was simply wonderful.

Just as Ye Xuan had said, it solved the problem of testing the medicine and the publicity problem. It was simply killing two birds with one stone.

Moreover, it could also let many people try it and increase the trust of the people around them in weight-loss medicine. The best advertisement was people. Think about it. A person someone knew was originally quite fat, but after two weeks, he became thin. When the other person saw such a scene, would they ask him what happened to him?

Therefore, there was no need to advertise at all. Through volunteers, some people who did not pay attention to Weibo or various news and companies could understand how useful the weight-loss medicine produced by the Tian Ming Medical Corporation was.

That was because there would always be a portion of people who would not pay too much attention to these things. For example, they would not pay attention to Weibo, forums, and various social media platforms at all. They would be immersed in their own world and socializing every day. Other than the advertisements on the streets, such people might not really know that a weight-loss medicine was about to be released. Therefore, this move was simply indescribably wonderful.

At the thought of this, Sun Peng was filled with admiration for Chairman Ye. Thinking about it, Chairman Ye was indeed impressive. Indeed, he had become the chairman of the Dinglong Corporation and many other companies at such a young age. He was definitely not an ordinary person. There must be something special about him.

Thinking about it, there were all kinds of strange things in the world. It really made people sigh and be shocked.

Sun Peng sighed slightly and sighed. There were really many strange people in this world. It was worth it to meet a strange person like Chairman Ye in this life.

In the past, he always thought that people were similar to each other. No matter how talented they were, they would not be too ridiculous. It was all within an understandable range.

However, after meeting Chairman Ye, Sun Peng finally understood what a so-called extraordinary person was. It was really breathtaking.

This feeling was like how one often saw people dancing with knives and guns in various videos and news forums. They knew martial arts or could do things that ordinary people could not do.

However, these were all within one’s acceptable range. Even if one was surprised, they wouldn’t be too surprised. They even had the illusion that they could do it themselves.

However, if one suddenly encountered a strange person who could overturn a small car with his bare hands and kill a tiger with a punch, then the surprise at that time would be far stronger than any surprise. At the end of surprise was suspicion. The greater the surprise, the greater the suspicion, so much so that it was unbelievable.

Therefore, Sun Peng was full of admiration for Ye Xuan. He shook his head slightly and kept muttering.

“What a strange person…”

At the same time, after seeing the news, there was a frenzy on the Internet. Countless netizens exclaimed and left comments.

[Wuhu! Give me one!] Upd𝒂ted chapters 𝒐n n𝒐velbin(.)com

[I’ve been taking your corporation’s medicine for ten years! Give me one!]

[I want a spot!! I want it!!]

[I just went to your corporation yesterday and bought 500 yuan worth of medicine. It’s not too much to give me a spot, right? (Dog head emoji)]

[I need a spot!! I really need it!! Can everyone give it to me? I’m really too fat to live now! I’ve been yearning for weight-loss medicine through the day and night!! Qiuqiu!!]

[Look at me, look at me!! I’m so fat that I don’t even have the courage to go out. Save me, Tian Ming!! I want weight-loss medicine!!]

[I need weight-loss medicine!!]

[I’ve been playing games for so many years. I’m an old gamer in the closed beta. I want this spot!!]

[I didn’t expect this. It’s fine if there’s a closed beta in the game, but I didn’t expect there to be a closed beta version of medicine now. I’m doomed.]

[I was dumbfounded the moment I saw the notice. Is there such a thing? Please give me a spot. Thank you.]

[Tian Ming Medical Corporation is really highly. There must be an expert guiding them from behind. Isn’t this so-called closed beta testing just to get people to test the medicine? They saved the cost of testing the medicine and even achieved the goal of publicity. They created a second frenzy. It’s indeed high.]

[Yes, but please give me a spot.]

[This is how you look at problems. I think this is because Tian Ming has a conscience. They know that it takes a certain amount of time to produce the medicine. In order to resolve the fatty patients, they made an exception and organized an advance beta test to let some people lose some meat first.]

[Who cares what they do? Anyway, just give me a spot and I’ll be done. I’ll lose some weight first. Everyone I know calls me Little Fatty. It’s been so many years and I haven’t found a girlfriend. My mother urges me every day. I really want a girlfriend. I want to hug her and sleep with her. I really want to see how handsome I’ll look when I lose weight. As the saying goes, every fatty has potential. I believe I can definitely do it!]

[I’m not too fat. I’ll give the spot to the fat people first. I’m not in a hurry. I’m just a little fat after getting married. Now that I’m picking up my daughter from school, she’s not willing to come with me. Speaking of which, it’s really a little sad. My wife doesn’t despise me, but my daughter despises me. Sigh, I don’t have the perseverance to go to the gym. There’s also some reasons that are related to work. I really don’t have time. This is good, but I’m not in a hurry. You guys can get the spot first.]

[@Little Cotton Jacket Has Gone Bad: There’s a story to your name, Brother. I’m not in a hurry. I’ll let you have it first. I’m alone anyway. No one will say anything about whether I’m fat or not. My girlfriend is not in a hurry either. It’s fine as long as we live comfortably. We’re already used to it.]

[(Like) You’re all good people. Although I want to give away my spot, it’s a pity that I’m really too fat. I’m only 20 years old this year, but I’m already more than 300 pounds. I’m so tired that I’m panting after taking two steps every day. The doctor said that I’m so fat that my heart feels pressured. If this continues, I’ll die. I’m quite desperate, but I’ll get fat even if I drink water. My heart can’t take it even if I go to the gym because of this. Sigh, I thought it was a dead end, but I didn’t expect Tian Ming to actually come up with a weight-loss medicine. I don’t know the exact effect, and I can’t understand the data, but seeing that everyone says it’s so effective, I’m quite looking forward to it. If it’s really effective, I really have to send a silk banner to Tian Ming since they saved my life!!]

[(Hug) It’s fine. If I get it, I’ll definitely give it to you. The world is very beautiful. The future is promising. Best of luck!]

[I’ll give it up too. Once I get the spot, I’ll definitely give it to you. Don’t worry, everyone. I’m not fat. I just feel good.]

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