The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Chapter 177.1

Chapter 177.1

  • Chapter 177 : In order to sever her fate

Lets go back in time a bit, just as Shin and Nosgalia were about to face off

On the other side of the throne room, Lay was facing Avos Dilhevia.

The former glowered sharply at the latter, and was wary of the false Demon Kings every move.

She smiled softly in response.

I dont care who my opponent is. But tell me, Kanon. Do you still have enough strength to play with me? (Avos)

The falseDemon King pointed to Lays sword, which had lost its radiance.

The Sword of Three Races Evansmana is a holy sword blessed by the gods. In the face of the Heavenly Fathers words, that sword has now lost its original power. In other words, its no longer effective against me. (Avos)

Avos Dilhevia turned slightly to face me, and spoke.

Anos. Dont you think you should be lending him a hand? (Avos)

I know you want my attention, but unfortunately, Im busy too. Oh, but dont you worry. If you dont have the Abolisher of Reason, then you wont win against Lay. (Anos)Vissit n𝒐velbin(.)c𝒐m for 𝒏ew 𝒏ovels

As I said that, I peered into the abyss of Nosgalia, who was engaged in battle with Shin.

When I turned my Magic Eyes toward him and peered deeper and deeper into its depths, I found the source of the Conflagration King Eldmed, whose body had been taken over by the god.

Hmm. Just as I thought.

Avos Dilhevia. Lay spoke in a low voice.

Im gonna have you give Misa back. (May)

Lay kicked off the ground, and he was clad in the light of <Love Sanctuary Teo Aske>.

He accelerated in a straight line to the false Demon King.


Lay swung down Evansmana, which was coated in the light of <Love Sanctuary Teo Aske>, from above her.

Avos Dilhevia blocked the attack by using the <Four Worlds Wall Beno Ievun> spell coating her hand right hand as a shield.

The moment the holy sword touched her <Four Worlds Wall Beno Ievun> coating, its trajectory was altered, as if it just bounced off. With a fluid motion, Lay rotated his body on the spot to mow down the left half of her body.

She tried to block it with the <Four Worlds Wall Beno Ievun> coating on her left hand.

However, it just bounced off it again, and its trajectory changed.

He aimed to strike Avos Dilhevia directly in the left chest with a light-speed thrust.

I just told you that your holy sword had lost its power. (Avos)

However, even putting all of his strength into it, Evansmana didnt penetrate Avos Dilhevias left chest.

The dark aurora of <Four World Wall Beno Ievun> that thinly cloaked the surface of her body prevented it from doing so.

I see your fighting style hasnt changed since two thousand years ago, Hero Kanon. (Avos)

She ran the black fingertips of her hands along Lays pectorals, as if gently stroking them. And at the same time, she stabbed his body with them.

Guh! (Lay)

Thats two. And counting the one you lost earlier, that makes three in total. Nosgalia has already gotten rid of the ones you entrusted to your double. Now you only have one source left. (Avos)

The power of <Love Sanctuary Teo Aske> erupted from Lays body even more vigorously, and it gathered into the Sword of Three Races.

But even so, he couldnt impale Avos Dilhevia with it.

Its no use. Even if this is the Heros trump card, this body of mine isnt something that can be cut down with a powerless holy sword. So give up, will you? (Avos)

I made a promise (Lay)

At these words, the false Demon Kings gaze turned grim.

What are you talking about? (Avos)

A promise that if she was ever burdened with her destiny I would definitely help her. That no matter where she was, and no matter what it took, I would come to her aid (Lay)

Hearing that, Avos Dilhevia smiled sadistically.

Then I suggest you think about it again. Once you become mine, Im sure youll come to understand. That Misa and I are as homogeneous as clear water. If you destroy me, your goal will become impossible to achieve. (Avos)

In that case, Ill be yours (Lay)

The moment the false Demon KIng smiled at that, Lay smirked.

Did you really think I would say that? (Lay)

For a moment, she closed her eyelids.

When she opened them, her irritation was showing.

Youre lying. (Lay)

Oh? Now that I wasnt expecting. Even though I want you so badly. (Avos)

Lay firmly brushed aside her slimy, entangling words.

Youre only pretending to be obsessed with me to buy time.Without the Abolisher of Reason, you cant win against Anos. Even if you defeat me, you will simply be destroyed by him. (Lay)

Lay gave a refreshing smile to Avos Dilhevia, who was glaring at him coldly.

Was that all you had to say? Look. You dont even have enough magic power left to use <Love Sanctuary Teo Aske>. (Avos)

She spoke the truth. Before he knew it, the light of <Love Sanctuary Teo Aske> covering his body had disappeared.

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