Village Head's Debauchery

Chapter 881 Savoring Maeve**

Chapter 881 Savoring Maeve**

Before they could respond, Maeve said, "I'll be going first to show them all how it's done." She took off her holster, which contained her sword, pouch, and shield, and placed it beside the wall before walking forward.

Orion nodded, observing as Maeve arrived before him.

Witnessing that she was waiting for his orders like the last time, Orion shifted some of the sheets that were around his thighs, revealing his erect, throbbing shaft.

Several audible gasps erupted into the air from the other women behind her. Even though they didn't have partners yet, they all had an understanding of how big a Pixie's male penis was meant to be. However, taking a look at Orion's long, sturdy erect penis, they couldn't help but unconsciously gulp, thinking about how they were supposed to take all of it into their mouth, much less into their virgin entrance.

And even if they weren't aware of the sizes of males outside their race, they couldn't help but conclude that this was exclusive to only Orion.

Even Maeve couldn't help but gulp, her confidence, which she had used to step forward, steadily diminishing as she gradually remembered how much of an effort it had taken for her to gulp everything down her throat.

Maeve wondered, 'Will it even fit?' as she felt a twitch in her womanhood while observing Orion's pulsating, veiny penis pulse under her gaze.

"Since I've already undressed myself, you can sit on my thighs; let me help you undress," Orion said, widening his legs.

Maeve nodded in understanding and carefully moved her body over Orion, placing her voluptuous buttocks on his thighs. She felt Orion's veiny penis rub against the area of her twitching vagina lips through her black tights and couldn't help but feel her legs tensing up.

Meanwhile, Orion stretched both his hands behind her under her mixed blue and yellow dress. He grabbed her plump, voluptuous buttocks through her clothing, squeezing and shaping them according to his imagination.

"Mr Orion, please… take it easy~~," Maeve said, feeling the stimulation spread from her buttocks to her thigh and then to every single area of her body.

Orion didn't waste a moment before grabbing her dress and pulling it up, with Maeve's help, undressing her. As her dress came off, he noticed her sizeable breasts captured within her deep blue bra.

Unable to hold back any longer, Orion seized Maeve's thigh-high tights and slowly pulled them off. He was aware of how they tasted after pressing and grinding against his hardened penis on it previously, now igniting his desire to taste what lay beneath.

Orion removed Maeve's black tights and tossed them aside, revealing her panties that looked more like a thong than what he had expected. Without hesitation, he untied the straps of her bra, helping her remove it along with her thong.

Picking up the underwear to keep with the rest, a flowery scent wafted over Orion's nose, tempting him to sniff it. However, why would he do such a thing when the person responsible for such an aromatic scent was already straddling on top of him?

He kept her underwear along with the rest of her clothes.

Feeling Orion's throbbing, veiny penis now directly rubbing against her vagina lips, Maeve couldn't resist the temptation any longer. She gently wrapped her hand around it, firmly grabbing it. Her breathing quickened as she instantly felt the intensity of its pulsations increase.

Orion immediately grabbed Maeve's waist and turned around swiftly, placing her back on the bed, surprising Maeve briefly with his actions.

Despite this, Maeve's hand never left Orion's throbbing, hardened penis. With her Pixie wings pressed against her back and the bed, she shyly widened her legs, understanding what Orion wanted to do. At the same time, she aligned Orion's throbbing penis with her slightly warm virgin entrance, gently stroking it as Orion gently massaged both of her breasts.

"Mmmhmm~~~" Maeve moaned loudly, feeling Orion's fingers slowly making their way through her entrance, instantly coming into contact with her folded insides. It didn't take another minute before her vagina juices began to pour from her womanhood, wetting Orion's fingers and staining the bed below them.

Maeve's body twitched and tensed as Orion explored her body, gently touching her glowing translucent wings, her busty pair of breasts, and her voluptuous butt cheeks. Soon, it becameobviousthat Maeve could notproperlycontrol herself under Orion's touch.

"AHH~~~ Mr Orion, I can't hold it back~~" Maeve moaned loudly, her back arching backwards as a flood of womanly juices poured out from between her fingers, wetting Orion's hand.

Witnessing this scene from a distance, the rest of the women couldn't help but gulp again. Although they had heard stories from close ones about what it meant to be intimately connected with a partner, it had never been as intense as what they were currently witnessing.

However, Whisperwing's gaze was fixed on how Orion romanced and explored every inch of Maeve's body, following each movement as she unconsciously touched the scars on her body. Her thoughts wandered elsewhere as she couldn't help but anticipate her turn.

"Are you ready?" Orion asked, his gaze fixed on Maeve as he removed the hairs glued to her face; his eyes focused directly on her glazed and anticipating expression.

"I'm ready, Mr Orion~~ Please go ahead," Maeve responded, stretching her hands forward to grab Orion's thighs, awaiting his thrust.DiiScôver 𝒏𝒆w stori𝒆s on no/𝒗/e()/lbin(.)com

Orion nodded and slowly thrust forward, burying his scorching, hardened penis deep within Maeve's warm, moist womanly virgin depths.

"AHHHH~~~" Maeve screamed out in a mix of fear and pleasure as she felt Orion's scorching spear pushing through her folded lips. However, she didn't let go of him; instead, she shouted, "GO ON~~~ I CAN TAKE IT ~~~" Her breathing clashed with Orion's face as her eyes locked directly with his, both of them sharing a deep understanding in that moment and gradually trusting the satisfaction of the other into in each other's care.

Witnessing her reaction, Orion smiled and only halted his advances a moment, giving her time to rest while he savoured and explored the pussy of a Pixie.

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